Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What I Did on my Fall Vacation

So, here's where I went over the past weekend. Chincoteague Island, VA, land of the ponies, and Misty of Chincoteague, and about a billion mosquitoes. It's a pretty nice place in the off-season, giving us all the chance to sit back and relax and enjoy the weekend, and each other's company.

Not to mention the sunsets.

This shot was taken Saturday off the back deck of the house we rented. You know how I spotted this sunset? I looked out the huge freakin' windows in the living room. Talk about a gorgeous view! It was pretty easy to just stare out the windows and watch the sun set. I have an easy dozen photos of two nights' worth of sunsets, and could have taken a hundred more. Sunsets were quite popular with the photographers amongst us. This photo was color-corrected slightly to bring out the sky, one of those things where I might be the only one to notice.

And yeah, we got shows like that every night.

This is April, one of the 'Chincoteague Ten'. Hanging out on the edge of the dock that came with the house. No alterations to the picture.

We also celebrated a big event for one of our friends. We had cake and balloons. It was a nice little party, though today is his proper birthday- Happy Birthday Thaddeus Maximus! I'd post pictures of the cake and card, but blogger has apparently had enough of me for tonight.

That's about it for today's non-drawing post. I should be back tomorrow with the second half of Tuesday's double feature, time willing.

Music: "Two Step" - Dave Matthews Band

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