Sunday, March 15, 2009

From the Crypt, 7: Do You See What You Hear?

May 29, 1992.

It was near the end of the school year, and our English Class had pretty much wrapped up by that point, so it was essentially a free period to do whatever. So naturally, I had out pencil and sketchbook. I popped Nirvana's "Nevermind" into the tape player, turned it up, and drew. "Breed" was the song that was on, and essentially made me draw what you see above. I had no idea what to draw until I actually heard the music playing- this is what came out. Sure, it's pretty typical of what I was drawing at the time, but I really liked the energy that came along with the music when I was drawing this. Nothing fancy, but pretty enjoyable.

This is one of the earliest pictures I can find that links my enjoyment of music with my love of drawing. I've drawn to music since then, but this rests most clearly in my mind. Since then, I've taken to thinking of music much more visually- not just in terms of how the music makes me want to draw, but actually drawing based on what I'm listening to- both in terms of the lyrics and the music (which can sometimes compliment, sometimes contradict, each other). One of many incomplete projects I've got on my plate is a number of pieces based around music. Some folks have helped with with ideas over the years, and I hope to get around to working on it. Time, Skill, and Energy willing, of course.

Next time- a surprise! (I forgot to look ahead)

Music: "Breed" - Nirvana


Odd Voodoo said...

For some reason I don't remember you drawing that back then. But man, did we have fun watching those movies. How many times did we see Army of Darkness? That was fun.

Steven Darrall said...

The old Penn Hills theater will forever live comfortably in my memory for three reasons: 1, seeing 'The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad' with my sister; 2, seeing 'Hero' there with the hottest girl in my freshmen science class; and 3, ARMY OF DARKESS!!! Groovy...