Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007: My Year in Review

Well. I certainly never imagined writing some type of 'year in review' for a blog I was involved in, let alone one dedicated to my drawing. And yet, here we are.
This year, I think my personal theme has been "From the Gutter to the Stars". At the start of '07, I was at one of the lowest points I've ever been in my life (and that's saying something). I was a wreck mentally and emotionally, disconnected and disjointed from just about everything. And now, although I'd not go so far as to say I'm on top of the world, I'm definitely within sight of the stars. Unlike the movies, there's no one moment of epiphany I can point to and say "yes, that's where I decided to stop being a wreck", but instead it's the hundreds of little moments (and one or two big moments) that really add up to me pulling myself out of that wreckage.
But, such little moments are lifetimes made of.
Among those little moments (and big moments):
I took a class in painting, just because I wanted to
I went to see a bunch of movies with my friends
I got to read the last Harry Potter book sitting with my brothers
I had the honor of watching a relationship I saw start blossom into a crazy, goofy, touching and beautiful wedding
I spent another awesome year at Chincoteague with my friends
A bunch of my friends welcomed new babies into the world (this is spilling over into '08)
I read a ton of books
I cleaned up my room
I drank absinthe
I decided that suits and Converse All-Stars DO go together
I had my brother Dan call me from the Police concert so I could hear 'Message in a Bottle"
I finally got to spend a week in Bethany Beach with my other family
I reconnected with a friend I thought I'd lost
I met new friends, as brilliant and demented as myself
I was called "stevie weavie"
I've made more than sixty postings to a weblog I created
I said goodbye to people I loved and admired- reminding me how precious we all are
I found, once again, blood means very little where brotherhood is concerned
I talked with my Dad
I got to see my mom and dad and brother and sister all together again
I hung out with my brother and nephews, four guys out having fun
I finally got to sit down and have dinner and talk with my sister
I watched my parents celebrate Fifty years of their marriage
I picked up a pencil again
Thank you all for stopping by to visit, whether it's been once, or every other day from the start. It's meant a lot to me to know there are folks out there who either care enough, or have enough time to kill, to stop by and look, read, and hopefully be amused by what they've seen here. You all have been a big highlight of my year. I have every intention of keeping this up for as long as I can hold a pencil, so I hope you'll stop back and visit.
It's been a pretty damn good year. I can't wait to see what '08 brings.

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