Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Passing Through...

Sorry folks- I really had planned on posting something here tonight for your viewing enjoyment on the morrow, but as life would have it, tonight's not to be that night.

It's been really difficult these past few weeks/months coming up with material to post (I haven't looked back to see just what I've posted, to be honest; perhaps that's for the best). I do know it's been a hell of a lot more writing than drawing. I'm not sure what makes it easier to type- well, that's not true. It's easier to type than draw because it's so much easier to type out what's in my head than try to draw what's up there. So often something gets lost on the path from my imagination to the paper- I think it has something to do with the distortion of the images in my mind. I tried explaining this to my niece when she was working on one of her art projects. To me, it's a lot like looking at something partially submerged in water, like a straw or post- it seems to bend in the water, making it distorted. But, when I go from thinking to drawing, the distortion occurs as the image makes it onto the paper, thus looking little like that which I'd originally imagined. Since it's not a constant, I never quite know how the image will actually come out. Which can be exciting, or very frustration. As of late, frustration has held sway.

Motivation has been awfully hard to come by, as well. I find I have little to interest me to the point of putting pencil to paper; and when I do, I find myself so distracted by life, thoughts, and shiny objects, it's all but impossible to concentrate on any one idea. And when I do find that idea, it's almost impossible to get it to the point where I even want to try to draw it.

Which is not to say I've not been drawing. But I've just been so worn out lately. I have a couple things, none of which are really worth posting, but with some more attention, might not be too terrible to post. I've not yet given up on the art, but we're not really on the best of terms of late.

I do know that I occasionally do better if given some manner of external motivation. So, I'm taking requests. What do YOU want to see? Less words? Polar Bear in Snow? Coal Mine at Night? Please, let me know.

Thanks for stopping by.

Music: "The Sound of Silence" - Simon and Garfunkel


Anonymous said...

How about - 4 friends on a balcony at night overlooking the bay and not talking about anything overly much but enoying the company a lot?

you know who said...

I want to see Chair Man and The Wrestler as I invision them in my mind.