Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Halloween Dreaming- Steampunk Vampire

Greetings, and welcome back.

I hadn't realized it's been quite so long since I've posted, until someone gently suggested I'd been taking my good old time putting something up.  So, as I've got a few different little somethings lying about, I thought I'd post those now and again, to a) put something up and b) give you a chance to see how my scribbling can really differ from what usually gets posted here.

This one is, like the title says, an idea for a 'Steampunk Vampire' for last year's Halloween.  It started out simply enough- I needed an idea for a Halloween costume, but none presented itself.  I struck on the classic idea of the vampire, one near and dear to my heart, as you probably know by now (family legend has it that, on my mother's side, we are direct descendants of the historical Dracula, Vlad Tepes.  Family legends rock.)  I hadn't been a vampire for Halloween since... probably 1984 or 85?  A long time.  However, knowing my inability to leave well enough alone, it was a short trip from 'vampire' to 'steampunk vampire'.  Which isn't as easy as it sounds.  YOU try to find an idea of what a steampunk vampire looks like.  and do it in about 2 weeks' time with no budget. 

So this was the rough idea of what I was looking for.  I went with monochrome colors, with splashes of red.  I was going to color my glasses red, as well.  And then put on the top hat with goggles, for good measure.  I liked it- simple, but effective.  Sadly, reality once again sought to oppose me, and as usual, she had reinforcements.  It turned out pretty well, all told, but not terribly Steampunk. 

Maybe this year.  Or maybe this year it'll be a steampunk Frankenstein's Monster!  Or an Art Deco Mummy!  or...

Thanks for visiting.  You'll most likely see some more sketches up before anything substantial.  Much is in motion right now.

Music: "Transylvania 1887" - Alan Silvestri

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Anonymous said...

So I have to up fat Leonard Nimoy, circa 1973, with fat Steampunk Leonard Nimoy, circa 1973 this year?!? Better start thinking...