Monday, March 8, 2010

Progress Report; Or, Slow and Steady Gets You Somewhere, Eventually

Greetings, all.

Just wanted to let you know I actually am still working on a project to post.  I'd like to say it's pretty epic, and in a way I suppose it is, but it's a case of me perhaps biting off more than I can chew (surprising, I know).  I've had the idea for this picture for a long time- probably about 4 years or so, ever since I heard this song... or at least the germ of the idea.  But what I didn't realize is, though I had the idea, I didn't know exactly what the idea looked like.  And that's where I'm getting a bit hung up.  I'm also figuring out some new approaches to drawing/PSing that is taking some time, but is an important addition to the toolboxes of both. 

As to what I'm trying to draw, well- imagine Hell.  As a physical location; 'other people' doesn't count, Joey.  This time, at least.  Okay, have an image?  Now draw it.  That's what I'm working with here.  (Joey, no fair- it was a rhetorical statement.  Just cause you can draw backgrounds really well...)  It's a neat idea, and like I said, based on a song.  Probably not a song you're expecting, either.  We'll see, ultimately, how well this comes out.  I'm hoping I can at least get some of the idea across, if not the full effect I'm looking for.

If you've gotten this far in the post, thanks.  I know these all-text posts go over like a pager in a crowd of zombies, but sometimes (all the time) it's good for me to go on a bit about whatever's in my head.  And this is only part of what's in my head; it's been a pretty crazy week or so, kiddies, in all the ways that make life so much better than the alternative. 

So- since I've got you here for this long, I've been thinking (as I've said)- I've been thinking of taking some weekend trips here and there this year.  Mostly just the weekend, but maybe and extra day off here and there.  Going low-profile, as it were; no Ritz-Carlton for me, thanks.  But I'm looking to put some more miles on the car, maybe get into some adventure- or just go somewhere and see something new.  Hell, just to be somewhere other than right here for a day or so.  So- any suggestions?  (no, Hell does not count, thanks peanut gallery).  Responses greatly appreciated.  Feel free to post here (I do appreciate the attention to the blog) or email me at tinkerd711(at)ay oh ell(dot)com. 
Thanks as always, for stopping by and visiting. 



PS- for those so inclined, I'm on twitter:@karloffsghost though i don't post to it nearly so often as I do facebook, as 140 characters is barely enough to begin scratching the surface of my wit.  So until it becomes the focused totality of my wit, it'll be fairly random... you know, just like everything else I write.  Wow.  If you've gotten this far, you are just the best.  Thanks for not knowing when to stop. 

Music: For some current favorites of mine, check out Pandora (the other Pandora, not the box, not the planet) over on the right.  Been loving new Snow Patrol, The Avett Brothers, Muse, some older Sarah McL, Rodrigo y Isabella's just awesome classic acoustic guitar married to a latin metal sensibility. 

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