Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lost Found, and Curves Below

In honor of the finale of 'Lost', I figured I'd post a few doodles I'd done of headshots of Sawyer, Jack, and Hurley (I had the most fun drawing Hurley, as you can probably tell).  I was a die-hard Lostie at first, but as time passed and life took me in different directions, I really got away from the show.  I made an effort to get back into it this year (always a good idea- jump into one of the most episodic shows ever after a 3 year hiatus) and had some luck at the beginning, but missed most all of the middle episodes.  However, thanks to the internet, I was able to catch up on all the plot details I'd missed.  I watched the finale, and really enjoyed it.  It helps, I think, that I found the characters more interesting than the plot of the story itself- though don't get me wrong, I loved all the twists and turns the show took.  But ultimately, I was more interested in seeing what happened to everyone, rather than the mystery itself.  What can I say?  I'm a romantic.  I thought the end result of the show was quite satisfying, even if it didn't always make logical sense. 

Also for your edification is some crazy curvy lady I started sketching.  I think I was initially trying to do something different with eyes, but then it all spiralled out of control.  Or at least curved out of control.  It was a fun experiment, though probably not a style I'd follow very far.

Thanks for stopping back.  'Returning to the island', as it were.

"Amazing Grace" - Willie Nelson

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