Sunday, March 16, 2008

If Lovecraftian Horror Has a Name... must be Indiana Jones. And Hellboy.

Just another of those goofy ideas that bounce around in my head from time to time. I always thought it would be fun to put these two characters together. They're both very much "everyman" type characters (red skin and tail notwithstanding), and they often(always) face some manner of supernature. And, since they were technically operating in about the same time period, I figured, 'eh, why not?'

I figured this would be in the mid-50's at some point, when Indy was the well-seasoned pro and HB was just getting started. HB's dad would've brought in plenty of experts to talk to him and teach what they know, so how could they not call in Dr. Henry Jones, Jr.? And, son of the devil or not, Hellboy is just a kid at this point, and not the bravest of souls.

It only now occurs to me that both of these movie series have sequels coming out this summer. Jeez! Woulda been a good excuse to put this out then instead...

Anyway- the picture itself- scanned directly from pencils, then tweaked and colored in photoshop.

Music: "The Way" - Fastball

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