Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another Musical Interlude

Ryan Adams is one of these musicians I've heard before, but never realized the songs were "that guy's". I first really noticed him for his song "New York, New York" (not the one you're thinking of), which came to prominence right after the September 11th attacks. The video for it was shot on September 7th (I think) and the World Trade Center is prominently displayed. Instead of pulling the video, they kept it, and the lyrics and the video are a tour and a tribute to New York. Adams' music is pretty straightforward, modern, a bit bittersweet, but very enjoyable.

I drew this because a)I think it's a very striking pose and b)I was feeling musically inclined at the time and since I can't play an instrument or sing, I thought this was a good way to go. Expect more music-related pictures in the future.

Hope the weekend was kind to you. Mine was quite nice, having spent it with the 'rents and with my 'other' family, the Weavers. Lots of fun times spent watching movies, talking comics and movies, and learning Photoshop tips (thanks Joey!).

And now, back to work.

Oh- I'm going to see the Police in July. WOO!

Music: "Everybody Knows" - Ryan Adams

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