Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blogs from the Edge, 2

Still on vacation, still posting. It helps to get posts done when I've been talking art and photoshop with the Brothers Weaver every day. Not that that helps with the writing, but it's all a creative process. Or something.

Anyway, today was the first day of actual touristy-type stuff done in the 'Burgh proper. Well, actually, in the North Side, but still 'Burgh-like. The past few days have just been me savoring the fact that I didn't have to turn around and drive back down to Baltimore like most weekends. Regardless, today was spent walking around the relatively freshly-developed and -revitalized North Side- specifically, the area right around world famous Heinz Field and PNC Park. Having the super-powered camera courtesy of Dave, I was able to take a great many pictures. It was a beautiful day, slightly warm, and made for great wandering weather. One of the great things about Pittsburgh- there are huge swathes of land that are essentially just for pedestrians. Makes sense, of course, since so many folks would be on foot around game time, but still nice to see. Lots of great scenery of course- just look over the river, and there's the skyline. I found a very nice little Korean War Memorial near Del Monte Place (or something like that- one of the buildings between the two parks) and a number of small waterfalls/water sculptures. I found out that they offer tours of both parks, but unfortunately I felt that I was pressing my luck in leaving my car parked back at the McDonald's a mile away. No need to fear, of course, other than having my heart explode from the walking. Lastly, stopped at a new brewpub for a tasty sammitch and beer. A good day, by any stretch of the imagination.

Oh- the picture. Well, this is the finish pic from Monday's post, obviously. Time spent learning photoshop tricks from Joey and Sean, and the internet, led to the completion of the Iron Man pic. Possibly suitable for a wallpaper, should it suit you. Heh- "suit" you... Iron Man, Suit of Armor, get it? sigh...

That's all for now- more Friday!

Music: "Shut Up and Drive" - Rihanna (the song I got to carry in my head for the 1.5 hours I was walking around, thanks to it being the last song I heard from a radio...)

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