Friday, May 9, 2008

Blogs from the Edge, 3

Brief update today.

Let's see- yesterday was the zoo zoo zoo, the Pittsburgh zoo zoo zoo. Also, went to the Strip District (woo hoo! wait, wrong strip) had lunch at Primanti Brothers, bought some tasty bread, and got some Wholey's fish for Mom and Dad. Then, a trip back to my first comic shop, Phantom of the Attic- it's been a long time since I've been there on a Wednesday!

Today was a trip to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and whatever the art one is called. That was a mixed bag, as I had about five different people tell me I couldn't take pictures of the art. Not much fun. But, it was all not for naught. The revitalized dinosaur exhibits were opened (for the most part) and they were wonderful to see.

That's it for now. When next you read this blog, I'll be back in MD, and I'll probably have some pictures to post. Like about 400 or so. Hmmm, maybe highlights then?

Music: "Prime Mover" - Rush

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