Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Do not forget the face of your father..."

I've been reading Stephen King for over 20 years now. I'm pretty sure my first King book was Night Shift, one of his short story anthologies (he writes some of the best short stories ever, in my opinion). I quickly moved on to his other books, with 'Salem's Lot still one of my favorite books to re-read. I've read up and down amongst the many, many books he's written. But, until a year ago, I'd never read his supposed magnum opus, The Dark Tower. I don't know what kept me away from it; it seemed too weird for me (yeah, I know- can you imagine?), or too boring. I mean, some cowboy is chasing a wizard across the desert? Please.

Thank God I picked up that first book.

I tore through them, one after the other. I was amazed at just how good the story was. To me, one of King's strengths is his ability to tell tales; well, I'd heard this story a hundred times before. And yet, never like this. He really drew me into the story, and the characters were so well drawn, it felt like they were real people who somehow became trapped in these seven books. The Dark Tower series now sits as another well-loved favorite in my pantheon of Books.

Anyway, before I go completely off the rails here talking about the books, the drawing above is one of my first attempts at the main character of the series, Roland Deschain. Roland is an awesome, awesome character. He's literally a man on a mission, and the things he does to complete this mission are amazing and horrifying. He's an incredible, flawed hero.

Also, dude has a rough go of it. Check out that right hand.

Anyway, if you find yourself looking for something to read, might I suggest The Dark Tower? I give it 5 stars out of 5. For what that's worth.

Ah yes- it's a long weekend coming up, and I'll be away Sunday and Monday. So, no posts until next Wednesday. Try to hang in there.

See you Wednesday!

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