Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"I'm Not Dead Yet!"

But Christ, do I feel like it...

Here's my first self-portrait up on the blog (not counting the Simpsonized one from New Yearsish). Consider it a more... metaphorical self-portrait. Falling apart, but looking on the bright side.

Seriously, this cold is kicking my ass. Never before have I had two colds in a season, and never have I had one work me over quite like this. I can breathe, but just about everything else is optional. I can hardly hear (not always a bad thing), laughing leads to painful coughing, my head is either blocked with cement or flowing like a river, etc., etc. Every time I cough or sneeze I grab my head to keep it from exploding (you think I'm joking?).

Ah, wintertime. My favorite time of the year.

Music: I don't know, I can't freakin' hear any of it...

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